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welcome to The TDC Laser Center

the TDC Laser Center is a boutique practice and it is unique in the way the doctor attends to his patients. Dr Ruiz-Esparza takes pride in doing and having done every laser treatment in his patients himself in the past 34 years. He prefers to perform these treatments personally to ensure the best possible results. In this manner, he makes the modifications to suit each patient and to constantly enhance techniques. He is a double boarded specialist, a Board Certified Dermatologist, and a Board Certified Anatomical Pathologist. The latter has allowed him to better understand the anatomy and function of human tissues, including the skin.

About Dr. Ruiz-Esparza


His experience with lasers started during his post-Dermatology Residency training as a Fellow at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio in 1982. Back then, lasers for dermatological applications were new. He came to San Diego in 1983 as Full Time Faculty at UCSD Medical Center. He was an Associate Clinical Professor in Dermatology, where he remained for 6 and a half years teaching residents before going into private practice.

Since then, he has continued with his interest in lasers and other forms of energy such as radio frequency and ultrasound for dermatological applications. He has pioneered many different procedures that eventually were used worldwide. He pioneered the clinical application of Thermage™. He wrote the very first medical publication on this technology in the USA in a chapter of a book published by the American Medical Association bringing information of the new technology to the medical community and together with a medical team, established the energy parameters for its use in medical offices across the country.

He then developed ThermaLift™ which, was a faster and less painful way to use the radio frequency in Thermage™. He presented his work at numerous medical meetings in the USA and abroad. He trained doctors in this procedure worldwide. This procedure gained wide recognition and soon appeared in the media including Vogue, Allure and Elle Magazines and pictures of his results were shown at the Oprah Winfrey Show. He supervised a live procedure in New York for The Good Morning America Show. A follow up report by the Show was done a month later and it revealed that the procedure performed a month earlier live, had been successful. He published his findings in major medical journals. He always believed that pain was not essential to get cosmetic improvement and dedicated all his efforts to proving that, to the delight of his patients. His work in this respect was published as a leading article in Dermatologic Surgery, a major medical journal in his Specialty.

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