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ThermoDermoCompaction™: the TDC Procedure™



This one of a kind procedure is aimed at compacting the skin of your cheeks and neck. It does not require anesthesia whatsoever.

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We have designed a program to maximize your results with the TDC Procedure. Dr. Ruiz-created a program that fits you personally.

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Created to improve the quality of your skin, one of these two procedures will be recommended early in your treatment program.

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How long is the procedure?
Approximately 1 hour.

What is the recovery time?
The TDC procedure has zero recovery time! You will be able to continue your day as normal. 

Can I drive home after the treatment?

Is the treatment painful?
No. Dr. Ruiz-Esparza has spent his career in medicine developing treatments that don’t cause pain to his patients. Comfort and safety are his top priorities when treating you.

Will there be any redness after the procedure? 
No. Dr. Ruiz-Esparza has developed a technique that does not leave his patient with any redness or flakiness. Go ahead and meet your friends for lunch after your treatment! 

Will I be put to sleep?
No. You will be awake during the procedure. Take this time to talk and ask Dr. Ruiz-Esparza about the wellness and care for your skin!   

What happens if I stop the program?
See photos below.



We invite you to schedule your consultation on-line or by calling (760) 410-7171. We will schedule accordingly to your needs. Please be prepared to ask the doctor questions or concerns regarding your treatment. Because of space limitations we ask that you minimize your company at the time of your appointment. No children or pets are allowed.


During your consultation, Dr. Ruiz-Esparza will go over your specific treatment plan with full transparency. He will evaluate your specific needs and introduce a personalized plan as part of the TDC program. At the end, his staff will outline all costs. We accept cash, major credit cards, personal checks providing an official ID card, electronic transfers made in advance and traveler checks


Photographs are essential to follow the course of the treatment. They will provide you and the doctor a visual timeline of your progress.


Follow-up treatments are key to the success of the TDC Program™. Please make your appointment to this effect well in advance since space is very limited.