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Better Than The Fountain of Youth

The skin on your face grows a few millimeters a year and over time becomes very apparent. For example, a face lift is simply taking these extra millimeters of skin and removing them, hence tightening the face.  Dr. Javier Ruiz-Esparza has developed a painless laser procedure for compacting the dermis with gradual and sustained applications of heat, ThermoDermoCompaction™ (TDC for short). Aging cannot be stopped but the facial deterioration can.

Freeze time with tdc

Patients who have complied with the maintenance of the TDC program have shown very small indications of age, if any at all. 

Men and women in their 20's and 30's (with minimum skin damage) are encouraged to be treated once a year, 40's+ are typically treated every 6 months. 

One treatment can be performed over the course of 3 days (1hr/day) and the patient is free to go about their day.

How Does It Work?

TDC is a painless procedure that compacts the dermis in the skin with gradual and sustained applications of heat.  Dr. Ruiz made a pivotal clinical observation that with age, the skin of the face seems to grow, just like the ears and the nose. This excess skin is what makes the face look so old. Additionally, the changes in bone and thinning of the fat, as well as the loss in overall quality of the skin from years of unprotected sun exposure also contribute to the appearance of aging. Nevertheless, the excess skin is perhaps the most significant change. The skin of the face, grows only a few millimeters a year and that is why we do not tend to notice a change until we look at photos from many years ago. These millimeters accumulate and soon become apparent. The TDC Procedure™ compacts the skin a few millimeters each time, counteracting the action of time which, grows the skin relentlessly year after year. By compacting the skin of the face, The TDC Procedure™  counterbalances the progressive facial deterioration that occurs with age.

Additional Services


This painless, non-injection laser procedure is aimed at restoring the collagen lost due to age as well as improving the fragile thinned skin of hands. The procedure is repeated monthly. Generally, 3-4 sessions are needed.


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