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El Fountain of Youth has always been a mythical figure born from the desire to keep looking unchanged by the passage of time. We are proud to finally offer that possibility here as a proven reality today, for the first time ever. Introducing:


El TDC Laser Center

the TDC Laser Center is a boutique practice that is dedicated to giving you a personalized experience. Dr. Ruiz-Esparza takes pride in doing and having done every laser treatment on patients for over 34 years. Every treatment is performed by Dr. Ruiz-Esparza to ensure the best possible results. Modifications are made to suit each and every patient to constantly enhance techniques. Being a double boarded specialist, a Board-Certified Dermatologist, and a Board-Certified Anatomical Pathologist has allowed the doctor to better understand the anatomy and function of human tissues, including the skin.

El Treatments


This one of a kind procedure is aimed at compacting the skin of your cheeks and neck. It does not require anesthesia whatsoever.

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We have designed a program to maximize your results with the TDC Procedure. Dr. Ruiz-created a program that fits you personally.

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Created to improve the quality of your skin, one of these two procedures will be recommended early in your treatment program.

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El F.A.Q.

What is the recovery time?

Can I drive home after the treatment?

Is the treatment painful?

Will there be any scarring? 

Will I be put to sleep?